Fill-Master Filling-Robot Pipettes
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The new Fill-Master Precision Peristaltic Pump combines speed and accuracy into one versatile dispensing instrument. A versatile pump that provides dispensing, diluting and pipetting functions 3-5 times faster than other methods.

Key Features of Fill-Master:

• Flow rate: 12µl/min - 795 ml/min (431: 12 µl/min - 5 l/min)
• Volume range for functions: 20µl - 1.000 ml
• Tubing replacement in 10 seconds
• Can be operated with a footswich or Fill-Master pipettors (sold separately)
• Tubing and pipettors can be autoclaved for sterile filling applications
• Semi-automatic calibration in less than 20 seconds
• Large programmable display allows you to key in all operating parameters in one window using the alpha-numeric key pad
• Convenient "Help" key provides an explanation on screen each step of the way
• Memory upgrade allows you to store up to 25 frequently used programs for fast and easy recall
• Printing upgrade provides a hard copy of all operations data to assist you in fulfillment of FDA and ISO requirements. You can also include batch number, operation ID and type of liquid dispensed for internal quality control

The Fill-Master Pump
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